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How to Disable Windows Updates

Sometimes it's really annoying when windows updates comes up in-between your importent work. To get rid of this situation you can use group policy to disable windows updates.

How to Solve Pop Ups Problem in Windows

Pop-UPs problem is very common now days. Sometimes users visited sites & accidently allow websites to show newsletters & notifications. Doesn't matters weather you intentionally or unintentionally did the same. Here is a detail guide in this video to disable pop-ups problems in windows.

Cannot Install Drivers For Windows 7

Hi Everyone, Most of you guys already know 'Windows 7' is officially dead which means 'Microsoft' stopped giving support for 'Windows 7' operating system. But I have seen a lot of people still using 'Windows 7' due to some reason. A lot of queries I am getting regarding driver-related issues because like other windows versions 'windows 7' now not able to update drivers using 'Windows Update' automatically. Sometimes user faces issues with there Webcam, Bluetooth, Wifi, Sound, Mouse & Keyboard also. So in this blog post, I am going to tell you how you can resolve your Windows 7 drivers issue on your own. Thanks for reading.

How to activate Windows 10

Hello Frieds, If you are a Windows User & using pirated or free version of windows operating system you may encounter Windows Activation porblem sometimes. After getting license expires some usefull has been disabled automatically & you may find some difficulty to run your operationg system smoothly.