Laptop Battery Repair Solutions

A common issue that a lot of Laptop owners run into once they’ve had their laptop for a few years is a bad battery. Your Laptop might seem like it needs to charge all the time, or you’re experiencing random shutdowns. Replacing is your battery is a way cheaper then replacing your entire laptop. Replacing a Laptop Battery is not a rocket science in consumer series Laptops which has external Batteries. If you have a Business Series model or expensive one, your battery might is built-in. It’s very criticle processior to replace these glued-in batteries. There’s not even an easy way to reach the battery without taking your laptop apart.

plugged in not charging dell

dell laptop charging problem

To replace these batteries, look for a nearby service center if it's under warrenty or you can contact third party professional like us in your locallity and call them to talk about replacing your battery. If there’s no Authorized Store nearby or you want to find the fastest return possible, take a look at the Third Party Providers in your area and see which offer battery replacement services. Note the Laptop One Year Limited Warranty does include coverage for a defective battery, which helps take care of costs. External batteries are easy to remove and replace but if you have an internal batteries it's a way harder then external.

dell laptop charging problem

Laptop Battery Repair Services in Lucknow

So, how would you know if your laptop has removable battery? external batteries are visible & you can swap easily any time but for internal you need to open a bottom cover. But there is twist some models have glued batteries which is hard to remove by hand so be carefull when you want to do it by your own. Previously, it was challenging to swap your battery because built-in models had glued batteries that weren’t easily removed and required you to replace the aluminum top case fully.

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