IT Security

Protect your business from unpredicted threats

IT environment is getting more and more complex nowadays. So it's become a necessity nowadays to strengthen your organization's security from external sources like hackers, weak endpoints, treats & malware, etc, no matter what kind of business you have. Here is a brief introduction about why you should take your IT Security seriously.

Information Technology Services in Lucknow, Hazratganj

Every business may have different goals, infrastructure, budget, etc, but one thing in common they all have a business data that they can't afford to lose or compromised. For instance, if you are a small business owner you may have a small IT Infrastructure & a small amount of data with few systems or laptops. But could you afford to lose or compromise your company data just because you have a small setup or low budget to spend on IT Security?

IT Security is an essential part of whether you are an SMBs, Government Agencies, Non-profit Organizations, Universities etc. Every type of business requires a different kind of solution to strengthen their IT Security.

Information Technology
                Services in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

So the major problem is how to secure our network & orgenization? Security is not only the physical thing, it's a process of combining hardware, software & human activities which need to be orgenised. Human or employies side is always the weakest point in term of internet security, hackers often tarket employies to compromise companies network.

1. Understanding & addressing security
2. Keeping your orgenisation electronic stuff & data safe & secure
3. Keeping your operating system & application software updated & secure
4. Securing your computer's from malicious softwares
5. Securing services over internet
6. Tools to inhance security
7. Scheduled risk evalution & loss analysis in a timely mannerS
8. Planning & updating your security needs time to time
9. Server & Network security
10. Identification & Authentication for unauthorise use
11. Physical sucurity implementation
12. Detacting & Managing break-in
13. System specific guidelines for users

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