Laptop Battery Repair Solutions

If you are a laptop owner or have a laptop you may encounter a very common problem in life which is the "Laptop Battery Problem". Battery problems could be anything like - plugged in not charging, battery not detected, Dell laptop battery backup time, dell laptop battery draining fast, battery not detected dell, etc. Time is money in today's competing world & a dead laptop can kill your important time. The worst part is if you have a faulty battery in your laptop & your laptop shutting off before you have a chance to save your important data, you may not only lose your important data rather lose your life-changing hands-on projects. Battery failure could be a serious issue, because it may cause your laptop to continuously shut down or restart or prevent it to get started even plugged in.

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Dell Laptop Compatible Battery

The good news is nowadays it's very easy to replace your faulty Laptop Battery with a new one. Mostly dell's consumer series laptops have external batteries which plug & play type of batteries which is as easy as to replace like your power adapter into socket board. Commercial series laptops have internal batteries mostly because of their slim & compact design & it could be difficult for end-user to replace them on their own. For changing these batteries you need to open a bottom cover or panel & some screw under the panel which holds batteries in their place. So it's our personal opinion to leave that job to professionals. Like every other electronic component, there are two types of Dell Laptop Batteries available in the market - Original & Compatible.

Best Laptop Battery Repair & Services

Best Laptop Battery Repair & Services

Original directly manufactured by Dell & you can get it directly from Dell's Authorised Service Centers or online from trusted sources. Compatibles are manufactured by third-party manufacturers. There are a lot of brands nowadays you can get it easily online or in your local market. Because of their good quality with cheap prices compared to original compatible batteries are becoming more popular. So if you have a faulty laptop battery & don't want to spend more money on it you can with a compatible one.

We at iTech Support specialize in all types of Dell's Laptop Battery related issues. We cover almost all models of your Dell Laptop at very reasonable prices. Contact us & we will happy to assist you.

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